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We provide initial estimate and project information quickly and in a simplified and easy to understand format. Plus our estimates describe project and construction process in more detail (not just generalized information) and minimize construction surprises upfront, drastically reducing budget overages and common additional costs.  We don’t get you on the hook with a low priced bid then charge for hidden fees and extras later.  A job done right starts with accurate information upfront!  

                                         Our Estimates Include:

                                       - Licensed & Insured Construction Teams

                                       - Construction Mobilization & License Fees

                                       - Contractor Restrooms & Waste Removal

                                       - Dust Containment & Protective Floor Coverings

                                       - High Quality Materials & Product Allowances

                                       - Proficient & Experienced Construction Processes

                                       - Professional Project Management & Daily Clean Up

                                       - Attention to Detail & Project Progress Reports

                                       - Continuous Construction & Guaranteed Completion

                                       - Mid-grade Products & Materials

                                       - (1) Year Limited Warranty

As a professional general contractor, we manage daily project nuances and logistics, absorbing typical construction headaches and providing hassle free process with higher quality and greater dependability than working with subcontractors direct. Our services minimize project risk and provide layers of professional resources that deliver multi-project expertise and  ensure that the work is completed on time and to the standards we require.  Ultimately, our estimates protect project budgets and include processes that ensure smooth completions for each of our projects.

NOTE:  General contractor prices may be more expensive than independent contractors and handyman bids because the general contractor is the buffer and provider between the customer and the specific trade contractor. Professional general contractors ensure that subcontractors show up on time, complete daily tasks on time and that various quality standards and demands are met. 

  • Large Projects
    Large Projects
  • Custom Projects
    Custom Projects
  • Custom Additions
    Custom Additions
  • Foundations
  • Foundation Modifications
    Foundation Modifications
  • Concrete Window Wells
    Concrete Window Wells
  • Concrete Pour
    Concrete Pour
  • Concrete and Foundations
    Concrete and Foundations
  • Additions
  • Additions
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    Custom Framing
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    Roof Frame
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Large Projects
Large Projects